Final Words on the Last Day of 2015

Recently I discovered some notes from a workshop in June 1988. It was a weekend with Johnny Moses who practices the oldest medicine teaching/tradition of the Northwest. I was attracted to his spiritual teachings and storytelling, which often incorporated native languages. He speaks eight languages.

Here are a few excerpts that I want to carry into 2016.

  • Every day is a holy day.
  • Everything is sacred. Including you. Including me. Therefore, it’s necessary to take care of our bodies, minds, spirits.
  • Prayer takes many forms. Silence. Singing. Dancing is physical prayer.
  • When we treat each other like it’s the last time we will see each other, we give each other full friendship: deep respect and love.

Wishing Everyone peace, love, good health, & many blessings in the New Year! Also, let beauty and art enter your days–always make time for these!